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I have trust issues with my maths

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I have 40.5kg lbs of gin @ 70 % abv pand with a temp of 8c

Depending on what method or app I use to calculate volume (required by the government) I get a different answer.

One get me about 65litres the other 47litres.

This is from 37.5 litres of 96% NGS

Can someone help me out with the correct answer.so I know what method to trust?

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You need to be a lot more rigorous in stating your conditions, especially as it seems that you are not in the USA while most of the members here are from the USA and will potentially make incorrect assumptions for the information that you have not supplied.

You say that you started with 37.5 litres of 96% NGS.  At what temperature was the 37.5 litres measured?  I suppose it is reasonable to assume the 96% is ABV, but if it is you need to tell us at what temperature the 96% ABV is measured.

What is 40.5 kg lbs? 

Is the gin's 70% ABV a true measure at 8°C, or is it an apparent ABV measured at 8°C on an hydrometer with some other calibration temperature (which should be specified if it is), or is it 70% abv at some standard temperature but is currently stored at 8°C?

Do you want to know what the bulk volume of the 70% abv gin is, or does your government want to know the litres of absolute alcohol in the gin or the "proof litres" (if there is a government that works in those units)?

If you have not tried my AlcoDens software to solve your problem please have a look at it just from the point of view of seeing what information it asks for in order to perform the calculation.  It is a bit of a pain to have to provide all that info, but unless you do you will only get an approximation of the answer.


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Firstly thanks for both replies. 45 litres tells me which method to use.


It was kgs, not kg lbs.

37.5 litres because I buy ngs in 25 litre containers.. I used1.5 of thrm ( one full and half by weight of the other)

It is 70 @ 8c so really 72.5 ish.

These figures don't need to be absolutely perfrct. The only ones that do are my lpa in bottles and for that i have a calibrated thermometer and alcometer. 

I have tried to use your software a few times and do keep having a go but it's not very user friendly and I have been in I.T  for 22 years so used to excel and lots of software. I guess once you know your way around it thrn it's obvious but I have 8 attempts left before my trial runs out so maybe I will get there.

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i was using proof gallons intstead of wine galons in liquor proofer! what an idiot I am.


yes its not perfect but its close enough for my needs. and its free.

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72.5% ABV at 20 degrees C is 65.08% by weight (ABW) with a density of 0.87755.

So if you have 40.5 kg then you have around 46.15 litres of product.

I calculate you have 26.36 kg of ethanol in your spirit.

If you were to dilute to 40% (for example) you would have 81.45 litres of gin.

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