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Vendome Ansonia Type Mash Cooler

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We've made a few changes to our process and no longer need the mash cooler we've been using for nearly the past decade. There are no issues with the cooler and it does a fine job cooling. I've attached the tech drawings and will update with pictures once we get it pulled from our facility. We have some extra gaskets that will come with the cooler as well. The mash cooler was specced out as follows:

Mash in: 100GPM @ 145F

Cooling Water in: 245GPM @ 50F

Mash out: 100GPM @ 68F

Cooling Water out: 245GPM @ 80F 

Asking 35K FOB OBO, please shoot me a message if you have any questions. Cost of a new unit would be north of +55k. 



2007 14P.pdf

2007 14PshtT2.pdf

2007 14PshtT3.pdf




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