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Cezary and GENIO

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Hello to all forum members,
Together with the Genio team, we decided to participate in your forum. We  will provide you with the necessary information about our stills. Many of you probably already have a Genio . But many of you probably just thinking about buying .....
Here we go ...


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And ????? nothing but a Genio picture.  Why is it so good, why is it better than others ??  What innovative technology can you offer ??










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Hey Richard1,

Great  you ask, you probably have not heard about us- yet!!.
There is something more behind Genio's photo. It is not only a product itself, but the knowledge and the experience gained through many years of cooperation with distilleries from all over  the world.
 Getting to the point ......
You are asking us what makes us different from others.
Surely the fact that with only one button you get 190 proof with 1% tolerance.
 "from the first to the last drop ..."

- our GENIO distillers are operated with  a touch panel that guides us through the distillation process in a very simple way
- our GENIO distillers definitely need less height in the distillery room
- even beginners can easily and quickly  enter  the market
- our distilleries are custom made , all based on 3D drawings

And what's more important we put a lot of effort into the fully- automated  distillation process !!!
However, we realize that no machine is better than a good distiller's recipe !!
At the end of the day it's a fully automated machine-GENIO machine



Link 4 u



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