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StillDragon 1000L Steam space-saver system (8" columns/Pro Gin Basket)

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*** I'm merely helping a friend try to solve an issue here, DM me so I can answer questions regarding the setup and options available. Regarding any actual sales, I will redirect you to the company selling the system/parts***

Basically decisions were made to buy a system early in planning. After some turmoil regarding the facility, it was decided that, due to multiple other factors, it would be best to sell this set up. I have actually built a system for a client almost identical and can attest to its versatility and overall awesomeness.

Alternately, the option of picking up just the kettle is on the table. In parts is being considered, but that is out of my hands and questions regarding that will be forwarded to the owner. Be aware this is all brand new, unopened-from-crate equipment so I wouldn't expect price breaks unless you have a hell of an offer.

The current asking price is what was paid, which runs at $36,045 total, and the kettle/drain assembly $14,325. Shipping TBD obviously. DM me for serious questions regarding this.

This is a 1000L STEAM space-saver kettle with a primary (8") 4 tee stainless column on the left and a by-passable (8") 12 tee glass column on the right (from what I can tell from the itemized list, grouped into a pair of 6 plate sections), both with Pro-Cap plates. This leads to the by-passable pro sized gin basket (12") set on a base and then to the pro size 4" shotgun condenser, also on a base.

***The schematic and picture I've included is of my older design. In this case, the full-stainless kettle has the aforementioned columns instead of what is pictured. The measurements and materials on the schematic do not reflect what is being sold, merely to give an idea of what the design looks like. Therefore, no copper where it isn't listed below. Being in-crate, this is the best I can do. Again, feel free to DM with questions***

The Itemized list is as follows:


(1) 1000L Pot Belly Kettle - Steam Jacket - Stainless Steel - Double Dragon - Glass Manway - Agitator

Kettle Drain Assembly

(1) 4" 90 Bend

(1) 4" x 20" TC Pipe

(1) 4" Butterfly Valve

(3) 4" Gasket

(3) 4" Clamp

Primary Column

(1) 8"x 8" TC Pipe

(4) 8" x 8" x 3" SGU (6" Tall) Tee w CIP

(4) 8" ProCap Copper Plate (11 ProCaps per)

(44) Copper ProCap

(1) 8" Stainless Steel Dephlegmator

(1) 8" x 2" SS Reducer with TC Thermometer Port

(7) 8" HP Clamp

(7) 8" Plate Gasket

(4) 1.5" End Cap

(4) 1.5" Clamp

(4) 1.5" Gasket

Secondary Glass Column

(1) 8" Side Column Base SS

(4) 8" Sight Tower Flange

(6) 8" Glass Chimney (Pack of 2)

(12) 8" ProCap Copper Plate (11 ProCaps per)

(132) Copper ProCap - (11 per plate)

(14) 8" Crystal Dragon Gasket

(2) Custom Cut Rods and Bolts

(1) 8" Stainless Steel Dephlegmator

(1) 8" x 2" SS Reducer with TC Thermometer Port

(5) 8" HP Clamp

(5) 8" Plate Gasket


(1) 4" Product Shotgun, Parrot, and Base

(2) 2" 3-Way Valves

(16) 2" HP Clamp

(16) 2" Gasket

(3) 2" SS 90 Bend

(1) 2" SS Custom Piping

Temperature Control

(3) Sense - Digital Thermometer - Bluetooth

(3) 2" TC x 1/2" Female Thread Thermowell Adapter

(3) 2" Gasket

(3) 2" HP Clamp

Gin Basket/Piping

(1) 12" Botanical Chamber, Basket and Stand

(1) 2" Stainless Steel Piping & Clamps

(2) 2" 3-Way Valves

(8) 2" HP Clamp

(8) 2" Gasket

Shipping: TBD

1000L Baine Marie distiller with Gin basket-Model (2).pdf


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