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14 Gallon Reflux Still - Complete

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I designed and fabricated this still. It is a good size for experimenting and fine tuning your recipes. It will produce about 20 quarts at an average of 80 proof the way I have operated it. The boiler is 14 gallons operating volume and the column is 3” diameter stainless. It also comes with 2 - 2” copper columns with adapter. The still includes everything in following list.

16 gallon boiler (keg) with stand (this is legal to own via a bankruptcy judgment)

3" stainless column

2" copper columns

Condenser - there is a "worm" inside the 2" copper. The vapor condenses on the OD of the copper worm and the ID of the 2" copper - very efficient.

Copper pall rings

Sanitary clamps and silicone gaskets

Heating elements

Transfer pump

3 ea. - 14 gallon operating volume fermenters (originally contained salt for pharmaceutical industry)




Mixer for fermenters

Power cables for heating elements

Hoses and tubing

Extra sanitary clamps

Fermenter and still spreadsheets with past performance data and yields

Insulation for boiler and columns


Condenser shroud with cooling fan and power adapter

Miscellaneous items such as botanicals, fittings, adapters, etc.



List of photos:

1-Still and equipment

2-Component close-up

3-Condenser close-up

4-Condenser close-up

5- Top of boiler

6- Bottom of boiler

7- Pall rings and support grill

8-Parrot for alcoholmeter

9-Insulation for still and heating pads for fermenters

10-Tubing and power cables

11-The operating still producing top rate product

12-Product after run


14-Fermenter info close-up



I built this to learn how to ferment and distill as a hobby. I am an engineer and this still is designed to produce a very high quality product very efficiently. It works perfectly and comes with everything you will need except expendables such as yeast. It can be heated with propane or electricity (120 volt). Electricity is much quicker and easier to operate. I will not part out. $950 for all. I am willing to pack all this for shipping but the cost may be higher than picking it up. Questions are welcome.















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