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Pot Distilled New Make Whisky Made to Your Spec

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Howdy folks,

I'm writing from Balcones Distilling in Waco, TX and we're looking at getting into selling new-make to DSP's that are either getting off the ground or in need of more capacity.  We don't have any interest in selling aged stock at the moment, but would rather like to work with distillers or aspiring distillers to help them create their own unique product. 

I will say, we're probably not a producer for everyone.  What we make is a very different liquid than what's available from the "big boys" in that we're offering customizability of mashbill and because we operate 100% on Pot Distillation.  For folks who are less familiar with Pot Distillation, it is the "old world" method of distillation that results in a rich/viscous mouthfeel that isn't achievable with modern column distillation.  We can make Whisky/Whiskey and for the right volume are willing to produce Rum but will not be producing anything else at the moment.

Equipment available for use:

  • 125 hl/3300 gallon cereal cooker
  • 250 hl/6600 gallon mashtun
  • (7) 250hl/6600 gallon fermentors with complete temp control and continuous agitation available
  • (2) 125 hl/3300 gallon Forsyths Wash Stills
  • (2) 85 hl/2200 gallon Forsyths Spirit Stills

Feel free to ask any questions you might have either on this thread or shoot me an email.  We're currently looking at a "processing cost" of $15/PG plus your chosen raw material.  (For instance, Malt whisky can be produced for around $8.50/PG on our system while Bourbon/Rye is closer to $4.50/PG.)



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