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14 stainless steel tanks 290 Gal - 740 Gal

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We have 14 different size stainless steel tanks non jacket. ALL TANKS ARE SINGLE WALL. Great for mash tuns, blending, and storage(water and alcohol) They are all food grade. The attachment will show all size and prices. We bought from a  Storage company and they didnt have the room to store the tanks. The tanks were previously used for alcohol based product. Some tanks have conical bottoms and slanted bottoms. Also some tanks have built in agitators. All tanks have top man holes. Some of the tanks company names are( Perma-San, Cherry Burrell,  vanalst metal works ,ERTEL,and George Keller INC) Please text me with the # of tanks you are interested in and i can send you pictures of the  exact tank!

***Tanks located in south nj****








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Can I get a pic of #12, #13 & #14? Info@wigglybridgedistillery.com



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Are any of these still available?

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