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InsuranceMan 2.0

Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - InsuranceMan2.0 / Actor

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Good Tuesday Morning Fine Citizens of ADI-ville,

     I was sitting in my lair of solitude the other evening whilst on the phone with a good distiller friend of mine.  Unfortunately, due to schedules and just "life" we had not had a chance to speak in the last several months.  He had asked me what I had been up to recently, outside of saving the planet from the woes of evil insurance agents, and villainous insurance companies?  As we spoke, I had told him about what I had been up to and he commented, "Man, what the H**L?!?!?!!?  You seriously should write a book someday."  That got me to thinking ...  Many of you out there in ADI-land know my superhero persona, but those of you that have not met me don't really know my "mild-mannered" normal self that I am when trying to be inconspicuous out in Sheridanopolis, or the vast far reaches of the world.  My friend suggested I should do a post here on ADI to help familiarize myself to anyone reading my posts.  I thought, "OK, I can do that."  I know, I know, it could be a long story, I will keep it fairly short, but if you don’t want to read it, at least scroll to the end and watch the videos and listen to the mp3 😊

     One caveat to all of this is, I do not want this to come off as braggadocios, anyone that knows me knows that is not who I am.  It is just more so that you get to know the person that you are dealing with, and that I am not always InsuranceMan2.0!!!!!!!!  Nope, sometimes I am "Aaron Linden", normal human person, well, kinda.  

     Where to start though, that is a big questions.  As they say, start at the beginning ...  It was a hot August night in 1974, late on a Friday night when I was born ...  JUST KIDDING!  We are not going back that far.  I was born late on a Friday night though, and I assume that is why I still like to stay up late and love the weekend!  OK, for reals now ...  I grew up in Minnesota, Stillwater to be exact.  Great place to grow up, on the river, small community (at the time), safe, nice.  I went to college in Minneapolis, MN and graduated with a double major and double minor in 4 years (Poli. Sci. was one of the majors, if you must know).  I was able to do this mainly because many of the classes that I took had some overlap and I was able to get a lot done in a short time (but I did my fair share of partying as well, and enough for a few others probably).  Then, it was going to be off to law school.  I know, right?!?!!?!  Me a lawyer?!!??!  Well, life kind of jumped in the way and I did not end up going to law school.  Maybe it was a bit of burnout from years of school, maybe it was divine intervention, but I was accepted and asked if I could enroll the next fall?  They said yes, but I didn’t end up going then either. 

     Fast forward many years, and I had always wanted to move to Wyoming after traveling out here to hunt, fish, and camp, but who can make a living in Wyoming?  Well, as it turns out, there was an insurance agency that was looking to expand into Sheridanopolis, and they wanted to know if I would like the opportunity (there is plenty more to this story, but I don’t want to bore you), and of course I said yes.  Now, fast forward many more years, and I have been doing insurance work for 17 years and specializing in distilleries for 8.  I started out writing very niche insurance policies that no one else could or wanted to write and ended up developing many programs due to this on a national basis.  Heck, I was even the endorsed insurance agent for AANR.  Yeap, I sure was!  What is AANR you wonder?  Well, it is the American Association for Nude Recreationalists.  Don’t believe me, Google it.  Wait!!!!!!!!  Maybe don’t, LOL!!!!!

     Insurance has allowed me to do a lot of cool things.  Travel to amazing places, meet amazing people, and work with great folks like you here on ADI.  I have worked with folks like Channing Tatum (go to Google images and type in:  Aaron Linden distillery insurance, and about 5 images over you will find this):

Image result for aaron linden distillery insurance

as well as Zac Brown, John Bon Jovi, and the list goes on.  Like I said, it has allowed me to do some cool stuff for sure.  But there is more to me than insurance, like I said.

     I also have sat on many boards, overseen many non-profit foundations, and recently have been inaugurated to the Sheridan City Council after the last election.  My favorite thing though, that people don’t really know about me is that I can do voice impersonations of dozens of famous people, imitate dialects from all over the world, and I do quite a bit of acting, in my spare time of course.  Plays, voice-over work, musicals, and even commercials.  There are a few samples of each of those below.

     Anyway, I just wanted to do something a bit different on this installment of the “Tidbit”, open myself up to all of you so that you know there is more to me than simply being the all-knowing, all-powerful superhero that I am (I am kidding of course).  One thing that you should know is that I love being InsuranceMan 2.0!!!!! and working with all of you outstanding folks.  In whatever I do, I do it out of love, passion, for fun, and because I just really love and live life to the fullest.


Here are a few samples of my craziness, hopefully for your enjoyment:

     *****  Special Announcement on this one ...  The very Lovely Woman in this video with me just said "YES" to my engagement proposal on Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!  She has always hated Valentine's Day up to this point, now she loves it, and I love her  *****


My most recent commercial (forgive the hair and beard, I was growing it for "Escanaba in Da Moon Light" in which I played "The Jimmer"):


And, one of my favorites, Dr. Seuss' "One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish" in 42 different voices :

Aaron Linden One Fish Two Fish.mp3 (Click the link then click the little doohicky in the lower left part of your screen.  It will pop open a window so you can listen.)

Until Next time, Stay Vigilant My Friends,

Aaron Linden

a.k.a.  InsuranceMan 2.0




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