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FDA GRAS list: How to interpret?

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This is my first foray into the GRAS list. I would appreciate a little guidance on this. So I've found a couple "GRAS" lists. I want to make sure I get this right:


Has a section called:

182.20 Essential oils, oleoresins (solvent-free), and natural extractives (including distillates).

For instance Angelica root is on that list. So I'm free to use it in gin without any extra dispensation from the TTB/FDA? I just include it on the formula and all's good? 

The reason I ask is that there is also a section: 


It looks more like a list of additive chemicals. So I should not be concerned as it doesn't really apply, yes? 


Sorry for the rather sophomoric question, just want to make sure I do this right and not miss something. I don't want to start making something then realize I have to dump it because I screwed up a simple detail. 


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That's what I wasn't understanding. Juniper is on the extract/oil list, but not the spice/botanical list. So I need to do something extra if I'm not using the extract? 

I'm not enjoying this specific rabbit hole of the distilling regs. 

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I was dealing with similar issues and ended up shooting them a request via email.  Within a day I got a response from someone who was able to let me know which of my ideas were acceptable for use in alcohol production and which ones were not.  Be prepared to send them the scientific name of any species but in my one experience I found them to be quick to respond and very helpful.  Plus I had their approval in writing!

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