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Transfer in Bond - Help printing approved TTB F5100.16

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I've recently submitted a couple amendments to my DSP through PONL for transfer in bond for several distilleries that we are working on a collaboration whiskey with.  Given that I've gone through PONL, I can't seem to figure out how to show the other distillers that I've gotten approvals for all the TIB's.  In other words, is there a way to print an approved TTB F5100.16 report through PONL?  All I can seem to show them is a screen capture of my approved amendment along with the TIB information for each distillery?

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This is easy.  Go into your PonL DSP record (not the entity record).  Click on the record info tab to be the following menu:


Click on tyhe supporting documents and attachment link.  

It brings you to a screen that shows all the documents that you submitted and that TTB has approved.  Look for the following document (I omit the left hand columns).


Click on the link it the column to the left of that.  It will download the approved application.  Save it, print it, and send it to the DSP from which you want to obtain spirits.

Hope this helps.




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