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Once used 25 gallon whiskey barrels

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We have some once used 25 gallon barrels for sale.

We aged our own whiskey in these barrels. The whiskey is called 77.

Made by Kelvin Cooperage and featuring 2 year air dried oak and #3 char.

These all have bungs on the heads. Some also have bungs on the bilge.

Steel hoops.

We are happy to sell them for $90 each or we can make a deal on 10 or more.


Call or email us please.

info at brkdistilling dot com

347 seven 2 five 4 nine 8 five

Located in Brooklyn, NY 11232





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what was the grain bill of the whiskey stored in these? dont need to be specific if you dont want, but are we talking bourbon, single malt, rye?

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