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Export overseas small sales inquiries

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Has anyone received inquiries about exporting product in small quantities?

I recently received a second inquiry about shipping to Japan, seems Phishy but maybe it is legit.

Anyone out there successfully ship / export a few cases to anyone overseas?





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A supposedly Japanese buyer contacted us about exporting/purchasing. We told him that we do not export currently. He offered to pay retail and pick up $12,000 personally. At this point we did not trust where this was headed. We were then wired $30,000. He asked for us to refund the difference. At this point we knew for sure this was a scam and got the bank involved. 

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Thanks, another phishy one I'm getting hit with is event hosting reservations. They insisted on needing my mobile phone to text me their CC info.  Told them to call the shop, still waiting on that call so it must be a scam of some kind.

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