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Hudson bay distillers

Waukesha positive displacement pump

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I've sold Waukesha & Jabsco RPD pumps to distilleries for moving hot mash. The users I've sold to are very happy with them.

Waukesha makes nice RPD pumps. They can pull some suction and self-prime to some extent, though their ability to do so degrades over time as the rotors wear until ultimately the head must be sent back to Waukesha to be re-machined, and oversize rotors installed. Depending on how much the pump is used it may be 5-10 years before that happens (or you can just continue using it as-is).

Jabsco's RPD pumps don't self-prime dry, but are a cleaner design and don't need to be machined/oversized like Waukesha.

The main downside of RPD pumps is their complexity. If something goes wrong to the point where they need to be torn apart for rebuilding, you can be in over your head very quickly.


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