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20 Gallon Electric Still For Sale - Never Used!

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Good Afternoon All,

We are selling our 20 gallon still.  It has never left the manufacturer and has never been used in production.  This still was manufactured by Affordable Distillery Equipment and is crated, ready to ship.  We are not trying to make money on this - just re-coup our cost.  We have pivoted on our approach to manufacturing (scale & location), which is what has led to this sale.  Below, I have pasted the details from the quote and electrical specs.  I have also attached pictures of the finished product. 

All-in price is $7,618.02 (includes crating & shipping).  I will provide the original quote to interested buyers to verify cost from the manufacturer.


  • 20 Gallon Jacketed, stainless R&D still with 4" copper 4 plate column
  • 1/2 HP agitator single speed, 45 RPM, 3 phaase, 240 VAC
  • 4" Copper gin basket
  • 11,000 watt digital controller - NEMA4X

Electrical Specs:

  • An 11,000 watt Digital Heating System at 480VAC, 3 phase, drawing 14 amps.
  • This heating system consists of one NEC 409 compliant NEMA4X Control Panel, 2 NEMA 4X heating element enclosures and one NEMA 4X junction box. The element enclosures and junction box are installed on the still. The customer will need to have the control panel mounted on the wall at least 7’ from any part of the still and the control panel will need to be wired to the junction box on the still with the appropriately sized wire in conduit with the NEMA4x rating maintained. This heating system requires a 20 amp breaker or fused disconnect.
  • The 1 HP agitator with start/stop switch will draw 2 full load amps
  • The .5 HP agitator with start/stop switch will draw 1 full load amp 
  • The CIP Pump will draw 3 amps

Please DM with interest or questions.

Thanks y'all,








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