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Counterfeit Whiskey of my Brand

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I have been sent pictures of a whiskey bottle that looks very close to our brand. Using our name and City and State on the bottle. This is not a Trademark issue as more of a Counterfeiting problem. It talks about the UK on the back of the label. I am guessing these are being sold in Europe. I have been getting emails about products that are not on our website. I have also always felt they are people from Europe. I told them our special spirits are only sold at the distillery. Trust me I am trying to get out of a few people now where they purchased these bottles. 

I do not do any exporting. Or I have never work with any other government. Any good idea's of who I should be contacting? 

I am also wondering if this is so kind of a scam? Did someone Photoshop these photos? Are they mock up bottles? Labels look pretty legit on the cut out. Now days you never know what someone is trying to do?

Has anyone had this happen to them?


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Contact TTB and ask them to provide you with information about how to proceed.  If the product happens to be bourbon, TTB itself will have an interest, because bourbon is a distinctive product of the US and TTB will work to protect that.  If it is not bourbon, they can tell you who to contact in the markets where the presumed counterfeiter is selling the product and may even ask for an investigation on your behalf.  For example, at the request of a foreign government, I once made inquiry into sales of wine that were deemed to be excess production from certain French vineyards that had limited tons per acre requirements.  I also once looked into expensive, rare vintage wines - collector quality -  that were being imported and sold here aty prices that indicated they were not genuine, and were also diverted into England, it appeared, to avoid the value added tax. 

I've forgotten the details, but the point is not in the details, it is in the fact that governments take interest in such matters and will investigate them, particularly because counterfeit product is often smuggled product.  I know that from working "diversion" cases.  Contact TTB's International Trade office, 202-453-2260, and see if they can point you in the correct direction.  

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