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Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - CE & Q&A

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Happy Tuesday To All,

     In today's installment of the "Tidbit" we are going to try something I gave a shot a while back but it was not as well received as I had hoped it would be, but first ...  In the spirit of always growing my superpowers (and due somewhat to regulations and complilance), InsuranceMan 2.0!!! has been a bit preoccupied with CE.  Ah yes, as any of you that came from or are still dwelling in the professional world (outside of distilling), there are requirements for Continuing Education (CE) in order to keep your licensure up to date and make all of the regulators happy, happy, happy.  Well, 'tis the season, and I am neck deep in it, but that does not mean I am not here to serve and protect you!  I should have it all wrapped up in the next day or so, but I have been a bit busy with it all.

     That then brings us to the meat of the TMIT for today.  As stated, I tried to do a little Question and Answer (Q&A) post a while back and I have either done such an amazing job at educating all of you that no one has any insurance questions, or people just did not want to ask questions.  I hope it was the former but methinkst thou ADI-ers mayst not want to appearest naive.  Whatever the case, I would like to open up this post to questions.  Any questions that you may have.  There are no silly questions, people, so let's have at it.  

     Do you have questions about your General Liability, perhaps your property coverage, maybe how your stock should be calculated?!?!?!?!  Do you want to know how to make a killer Pad Thai or ask what I am doing this weekend?  Nothing is off limits, so let's get this party started?!!??!  Who will be first????  What will they ask?!?!?!  So many questions ... but all from me so far.  Now it is your turn.  Be the first to post a question and let's have some fun with this.  Until someone does ... 


Stay Vigilant!!!!!



Aaron Linden

a.k.a InsuranceMan 2.0!!!




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