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Reuters: U.S. whiskey exporters struggle after year of EU tariffs

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The Distilled Spirits Council said that 63% of U.S. whiskey exports have faced retaliatory tariffs from the European Union, China, Turkey, Canada and Mexico. The EU currently levies 25% tariffs on U.S. whiskey.

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office is preparing to slap tariffs of up to 100% on $1.8 billion worth of European spirits and wine in response to illegal European aid to planemaker Airbus (AIR.PA), the most recent development in a 15-year-long trade dispute between Europe and the United States.

“American whiskeys have become collateral damage,” said Chris Swonger, chief executive of the Distilled Spirits Council at an Aug. 6 hearing with the U.S. Trade Representative. He urged Washington not to introduce the new tariffs because the industry fears Europe will introduce even more tariffs in retaliation.


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I have always marveled at the ability of Boeing to hold our bilateral trade policy as hostage on this issue. How about we ask for subsidies?  Just like Boeing gets? Or the farmers?  We're paying, after all.  Might as well get in line for handouts.  

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