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5000 liter still for sale

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iStill 5000 liter (1320 gallon) still for sale. This is an all electric still requiring a transformer (400V 3 phase). Great for locations without gas or where a boiler is difficult to install. Mash/ferment/distill all in one vessel, this one has made quite a bit of vodka and whiskey. Total height is 16.5 ft. Have not fully utilized it as we have another one. Can supply transformer for extra or help acquire (~$5k). This unit has the internal cooling coil and agitator. Current new pricing is $120k plus shipping from Europe and import fees.  

iStill 5000 specifications

  • 5,000 liter net capacity;
  • Insulated flush square boiler design;
  • Newly designed 12 inch diameter column;
  • Gin hooks;
  • Weight: 1350 kilo;
  • Sizes: 250x255x450/600 (wide, deep, high, in centimeters, potstill/column);
  • Power: 90 kW;
  • Stripping, gin distilling: 200 liters per hour at 30%;
  • Finishing brandy, rum, and whisky: 120 liters per hour at 60%;
  • Finishing vodka: 75 liters per hour at 95%;
  • Run time: 8 – 12 hours (stripping, finishing taste rich, finishing vodka);
  • Manholes: 40/60 cm diameter, one at top, one near bottom;
  • Supports on the grain, potato or pulp distillation;
  • Available upgrade indirect heater system;
  • PLC system and touch screen computer, with:


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How do we contact you, how much are you asking, why are you selling it, how old is it? How much use does it have?



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