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Hello ! My name is Sophia and I'm a personal assistant of CEO. Our company wanna buy powerful distillery equipment for producing ethanol.

Here is some details about equipment we need: 

1.     We need high quality equipment for producing food grade ethanol.

2.     Feedstock that will be used: grain, corn and other raw materials: potato, sugar beet etc.

3.     We need high capacity of our equipment for our plant (we want to produce big amount of liters per day on our plant). I think you can help me with this because I am not an expert in this area.

4.     The degree of alcohol we want to achieve after distillation: 96 degree of food grade ethanol.

5.     Requirements for impurities after distillation should be not more than 1%.

Will be grateful for any information.


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If your are looking for  99.5-99.9% alcohol(ethanol) Plant from 5000LPD-1000,000LPD for produce 99.5-99.9% alcohol(ethanol) we have two methods for you to choose. the two kinds equipments: azeotropic anhydrous alcohol process,molecular sieve anhydrous alcohol process. contact at niapay@gmail.com with your capacity requirement in litters per day.


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