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Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Photos & Video

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Happiest of Tuesday Mornings,


     My super-senses are picking up that the most loyal readers out there are wondering what happened to last weeks post.  Alas, InsuranceMan 2.0!!! was simply consumed in various activities that were vying for my undivided attention, and I simply could not break away to get the post up.  For that, you have my greatest apologies.

     That was last week, and this is this week (I know, I know, profound, right?  Feel free to make note of that little gem and use it as you see fit).  With that, let’s get to this week’s installment of the TMIT!!! 

     I am often asked, “What is one of the easiest but most effective thing that I can do in regard to my distillery insurance?”  I have pondered this query for quite some time, and often, my answer changes.  I could pontificate on-and-on about risk reduction, transfer of risk, blah, blah, blah.  After really putting some thought into this, I wanted to come up with something that is super easy, yet incredibly effective.  After wracking my super-brain with this topic and mulling over several different ideas, it finally came to me!  I had an “ah-ha” moment.

     Actually, I cannot take full credit for this, I mean, I can and will since I did finally come up with it, but it was so simplistic that I just knew I had to share it.  Recently, my own Super-Lair Insurance came due for renewal (otherwise known to mortals as “Home Owners Insurance”).  Well, just like when the fire departments remind you to check the batteries in your smoke detectors (speaking of, when did you last do that at home?  Well, you should, it could save lives and property, thank you firefighters!), I go through my Super-Lair at renewal time and take photos of all of my Super-stuff.  AND IT HIT ME!!!

     In the case of a loss, especially a monumental loss, having photo evidence of all of your “stuff” can prove to be invaluable.  At the time of loss, and in the days that follow, your world can be turned upside-down.  The last thing your mind can handle is trying to recall each and everything in your location that may have been lost, especially when some claims adjustor is asking for a list of each item.  Boy-howdy, would it be nice if you could produce images of EVERYTHING in your place???  Yes, yes it would.  Well, do I have a solution that is the easiest thing in the world and could really save your proverbial bacon in the case of a loss.

     Everyone today has the ability to take photos or videos with great ease.  It used to be that you would have to break out the boombox sized VHS video camera and struggle to get that beast up on your shoulder … risking back injury … or snap away with a camera that would cost you a fortune to develop the pictures you took.  NOT ANYMORE!!!!  Each of us carries around our cell phone at all times, each and every day.  Well, whip that puppy out of your pocket, purse, European Man Clutch, or wherever you carry it, and start rolling or snapping away.

     You can simply walk though your facility and take photos of each room, a panoramic photo of the larger areas, or video that $H1t, all well narrating what you are seeing along with maybe a barrel count, or value of what you paid for the equipment.  The cool thing is that this is backed up to the cloud, it is on your phone, and it can be sent off to someone in a few seconds and alleviates the hassle of trying to recall all of those items that you cannot recall in the face of a loss.  As well, it is documented and date stamped, so the adjustor knows that it was done in advance, and it can be zoomed in on to see the details of each and every item.  OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME OF TECHNOLOGY IN WHICH WE LIVE!!!!

     Those old photos that were printed out, and those old videos could not be zoomed in on, and if they were it was so pixilated that you couldn’t tell if it was a bunch of bottles or a Daisy Duke poster from back in the day.  The ability to literally walk though your facility and document everything that you have could be a lifesaver and could make sure that you recoup every dollar of coverage that you have paid for throughout the years.

     I will offer some quick tips on this process as well, since I have done this for many, many years.  First off, go through the facility and open all the doors, drawers, containers, equipment, etc., before you start.  It may look like a poltergeist just left the area, but it allows for a more flowless flow of documenting everything as you just take one pass thought the joint.  As well, if there is a special area of interest, or something that may take a little more attention to detail, take the time to focus on that area and maybe even zoom in if there are a lot of detailed items that need to be shown.  Lastly, take your time.  This is not the Boston Marathon, people.  Don’t run through and think you have to have this done in under a five-minute sprinters pace.  Really take your time to make sure that you have gotten everything that you feel is important.  If you own the building, start outside and get the building from all sides.  If you are leasing, but you have done a bunch of improvements (tasting room area, gift shop, whatever), make sure you get the details of what you have done, and if you are videoing everything, narrate, narrate, narrate.  “Here we have the Yeti-hewn logs that we brought in from the Himalayan Mountain Range that we used Yak sleds to transport … we spared no expense, but no Yeti’s or Yak’s were harmed in the process.  Each expanse of log was $150,000 and there are 5 of them, so in logs alone we have $750,000 of value.”  You get the idea.

     There you have it!  The answer to the age old question of what is the easiest thing you can do in regard to your insurance coverage that will give you piece of mind and may just save you a lot of time in the long run as well as heartache.  I have bestowed upon you, dear reader, the possible key to the insurance universe.  You are welcome.  With that, InsuranceMan 2.0!!! is off to assist yet another struggling distiller in distress.  Until Next Time, Dear Reader …


Stay Vigilant,

Aaron Linden

a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0!!!


aaron@raoaringforkins.com          or        insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com

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