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1100 Liter Jacketed Fermenter/Holding Tank

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1100 liter (290 gallon) Zottel jacketed fermentation vessel and/or blending tank up for sale. This brand new, never been used stainless steel tank came as part of a package with our distillation equipment (Kothe), but we do not require its use for our production. Stainless steel, jacketed for cooling, temperature probe, three feet, flat bottom, high quality construction. Also includes the exit port ball valve with DIN 50 thread. DIN to triclamp adapters are inexpensive and readily available from a number of suppliers if you use triclamp fittings. Price is below retail value. Shipping from Boston, Massachusetts.

$3,250 plus shipping



Zottel FV (front).jpg

Zottel FV (jacket).jpg

Zottel FV (valve).jpg

Zottel FV (side).jpg

Zottel FV (label).jpg

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It is! I sent you a text earlier. Feel free to email me at kleclerc77@gmail.com too. Thanks.

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