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InsuranceMan 2.0

Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Wood Splinters and Work Comp

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Happy Thursday Morning My Dearest Readers,


     As my loyal weekly readers may have noticed, I did not post last week, and I am a bit late to the game this week.  As it turns out, every superhero has their weakness.  Superman had Kryptonite, Wonder Woman has her bracelets being bound together, and the Green Lantern … well, he had the color yellow (of all things), but his greatest weakness was WOOD!  WOOD?  Yes, WOOD!  I know that sounds stupid since it is everywhere and most things are made from it, but that is his weakness.

     Well … much like the Green Lantern, I recently found out that my weakness is not necessarily wood itself in the way of desks, homes, or other structures.  My weakness is not that silly and weak, but I do have a weakness that I will divulge to you here if you promise to not share it with the insurance-evil-doers out there in the world.  Promise?!!?!??!  OK … it is wood, but more specifically, it is splintered wood in the right eye … Duhhnn-dun-duuuuuuhhhhnnnnn!!!!!!!!

    So there I was ripping plywood with a skill saw whilst building a large set piece (an 8’ high, 4’ wide, 2’ deep story book that the characters can “come to life” out of) for an upcoming production of “Into The Woods” (where, apparently I will also be playing the part of a Prince … duh), when a chunk of wood made it up under my safety glasses (I am a superhero, but always, safety first) and shot right up into my eye, splintered, and embedded itself into the white of my eye where the eye meets the eyelid.  Suffice to say, I had no idea this was my weakness until it happened, and it took me out of the game for a little over a week.  That is why you had not seen a post until today.  And what a glorious day it is, you are here reading this installment of the TMIT (although it is now the “Thursday” Morning Insurance Tidbit).

     ON TO IT!  I know this is a topic that was covered in depth a while back in another installment of the TMIT but I wanted to circle back on this as it is a HUGE opportunity for many of you to save some significant money!!!  That is always an attention grabber. 

     I have recently contracted with a Workers Compensation carrier that is RED HOT ON FIRE with their distillery work comp rates.  New ventures/business, or well established, they will look at everyone, IN ALL 50 STATES!!!  The big kicker is, they have been routinely 10%-20% less than anyone else in the marketplace.  As you know, in some instances your work comp premium can be 1/3 to 1/2 or more than your overall distillery package insurance, so 10%-20% is a significant savings, and who doesn’t want to save money?!?!?  If your work comp is currently running $5,000 annually (for instance), that is a savings of $1,000.  Pretty good, right?!?!?!! 

     Pair that with the fact that I usually save folks on their overall premiums for the package insurance as well, and that is a combo that should make you perk-up and contact me if you have not already.  Think about that for a second.  What if one email, text, or call could save you thousands of dollars a year?  Real money that could be used to upgrade your facility, purchase equipment that you have been wanting, get some marketing done (more on that soon as well), or just pocket the savings and take a well-deserved vacation.

     I am here for you, to assist you, to guide you, offer expertise, and hopefully save you some “dead-presidents” in the process.  Everyone that has a work comp need should be getting in touch with me, ASAP!  Let me assist you and show you why I am known as InsuranceMan 2.0!!!  Just leave the wood splinters behind, ok?  Those ain’t good for nobody!!!!  Until next time …

Stay Vigilant!


Aaron Linden

a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0!!!


aaron@roaringforkins.com            or         insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com 

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