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Aged Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, Rum and More For Sale!

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I've got a friend who has decided to shut down his distillery pub and would like to sell off his remaining inventory. He's got several different mash bills of bourbon, rye, wheat, rum, and apple brandy (plus two casks of agave) up for sale. Here is a general listing of what he has plus pricing:

Bourbon 1-3 yrs $1600-$1800 (31 casks) 
Wheat 1-3 yrs $1400-$1600 (77 casks)
Smoked (Applewood and Cherrywood smoked malt blend) $1500 (13 casks)
Rye 1-3 yrs $1500-$1700 (46 casks Maryland-style Rye; 37 casks Pennsylvania-style Rye)
Agave $1000 (2 casks)
Apple Brandy $1200 (6 casks)
Rum $1200 (23 casks; Mix of Molasses and Panela rums)
-All Shipping from Richmond, WI
This is all great stuff and the distiller entered everything into cask at fairly low proofs so quite a bit of this stock could easily be bottled now. Or hold onto longer if ya like. The choice is yours! Feel free to contact me regarding more information. Happy to negotiate price based on volume as well.
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