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Purchase Alchol for Medical support

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Urgent need for any distillery that isn’t producing hand sanitizer and wants to be a part of this important movement and impacting the lives of millions.

We are in desperate need of 90%+ pure alcohol based on ethanol or isopropanol, no other contaminants or add-ons (willing to purchase).  My company is working on behalf of two of the largest organizations that represent healthcare supply chain workers, of who I have proudly been a part of for 30 years, our people are on the front lines fighting on the phones for gowns, masks and sanitizer and we have found a potential large scale mfg. who is reopening a mfg. line and now we need alcohol. 

You can help  your family members fighting on the front line in the hospital or who may end up in the hospital for care.  This could impact the lives of those around you. 

This could be an immediate revenue stream with the potential for being a long term revenue stream for some.

Ok, as I said 90%+ pure alcohol based on ethanol or isopropanol, no other contaminants or add-ons.

If interested contact:

Michelle Robbins  - michelle.robbins@hccatalystconnections.com  386.986.0868

Chuck McMaster – Chuck@hccatalystconnections.com  352.396.6684



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