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Glycerin and Peroxide as cutting agents??

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Proofing our hand sani on a high end desktop Anton Parr. Every batch so far has required more water than it should to cut to 160 proof. I'm counting the peroxide and glycerin as cutting agents but one of the two seems to have little effect on cutting the proof. I know structurally that glycerin is an alcohol. Could it be adding volume without cutting proof? I've done some research but can't seem to find any answers.

Anyone having similar issues or know more about this?




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I was chasing proof with water on my first batches well,  we were definitely having issues at first. We are batching 5000 liters at a time in one of our cookers and we were seeing some really weird stratification of proofs in the tank despite mixing over night. What we ended up doing is starting with a mixture of ethanol and water (our recipe calls for just over 4 totes of neuty I think, so the fifth tote with the excess hundredish pounds or whatever it comes out to also gets the 550 some kilos of water. Put this in tank first with agitator on and add all ethanol, then HyPerox and Glycerin and we have been dead nuts on twice in a row now with no adjustment. First batch we were chasing proofs with RO, and then the ratio is off for the hydrogen peroxide to sanitize that water, then the component of glycerine is underdosed. yard yada yada. Woof.


Its all good now though at first it was odd.



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So my main problem likely was gallonage in my cookers were off because they are calibrated for mash not glycerine h202 or high proof etoh. We use sensors calibrated to interpret relative pressure, which is a flaw in our system when it comes to making anything other than our main three mash bills.

Depending on your level of automation, your sensors could be getting wonky on yah

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