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Amazon for Alcohol?

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Hi All,

Working on getting my first product to market and can not find any online program similar to Amazon "FBA". 

In other words, is there a site (retailer) out there that I can ship my product to (through a distributor to satisfy 3-tier) who will show my product on their website, store and fulfill orders on a commission basis. 

The brand owner gets to choose whatever retail price they want and can set up the product page for their product, but only gets paid when the product sells, retailer charges a fee (flat or % or combination of the two) for storage & fulfillment. 

It seems there are thousands of craft companies that would love to this service as now the online retailers only sell what they stock and there are no sites that carry anything close to the full breadth of products available nationally. 

This would allow me to market my product online and then link to a site where it can be purchased. I understand many states won't allow it however there are quite a few states that do allow it. 

Does this exist in any state? If not, why not? Am I missing something? 

Thanks in advance!

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