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Most glorious of Tuesday mornings to you, dearest reader!!!


     Although spring has not yet sprung here in Sheridanopolis, and the day is a bit cold and grey, rest assured that it is one of the most glorious days in years!!!  As many of you know from posts pasts, every superhero has a weakness.  I had two, but one of them now is powerless over me!!!

     If you are a regular reader, which you should be by this point, you know that one of my weaknesses is getting wood splinters in my eye.  Still susceptible to that one … I think …  I do not want to find out, really.  The other issue that plagued me for the last two years was the hideous, “Non-Compete Clause” imposed by the former insurance evil-doers.  Dun-dun-daaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  OH THE HUMANITY!!! THE HIDEOUSNESS!!!  THE DISGUSTING SIGHT OF SUCH A FOUL BEAST!!!  SHEILD YOUR EYES IN HOROR!!!

     Well dear reader, alas, I have vanquished this disgusting blight of the insurance-verse.  As of 5/9/2020 I am free to once again soar about the insurance-verse and freely work with whomever I wish.



     So, if you had worked with me in the past but could not for the last few years, or if you are newer to the industry, or if you have been established for years, regardless, we can now freely do whatever we wish with whichever carrier we wish, without repercussion!!!  Huzzah!!!!!!  This is my invitation to you:


     What are you waiting for?!?!  I am the greatest insurance superhero the distillery realm has ever known.  Bar-none, the strongest distillery insurance provider on the planet, and now, unencumbered by any contracts or legality.  The shackles of the insurance evil-does have been cast aside!!! Let us use this opportunity to work together once again, or for the first time, and let me provide you with all of the security that you need for the lowest premiums possible!!!  Until next time dear reader …


Stay Vigilant!!!

Aaron Linden

a.k.a.  InsuranceMan 2.0!!!


aaron@roaringforkins.com      or    insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com




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