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Tito from Tito's Vodka talks about Distributors at WSWA'12

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10 minute interview with Tito Beveridge from this year's WAWS convention, conducted by Kit Codik of liquor.com

Aside from how Tito makes what he makes, the system he sells his product through is identical to what all of us will experience one day. The broker-distributor tier is probably the most underestimated hurdle new distillers will face. After minute 4, all of the questions are aimed at helping new startups in the field. Also, notice the look on his face around minute 8 when he says "the job is just barley started" even after breaking into the distributor tier.


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His enthusiasm is infectious and he has been at it for almost 20 years. Passion is an understatement. I would've loved to see him in year 2 or 3, it must have been tough doing your own brand in those days. Can Beveridge be his real name???

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