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On 13/09/2014 at 4:56 PM, jheising said:

I'm not sure why, but it feels like some are misconstruing this discussion/argument as one still manufacturer vs. another. I'll just say it again clearly so as to put any arguments to rest. If you want a stripping still, I would absolutely say without a doubt you should consider buying one from Dehner or DIY one like it. Period.

Is that endorsement clear enough to show that this has nothing to do with some sort of competition?

This has never been an argument of one still manufacturer vs. another. I am simply saying that we should not be comparing continuous stripping stills to continuous multi-draw, fractionating stills. Period.

To compare feed rates, efficiency and outputs between the two is meaningless because a continuous stripping still relies on other traditional stills and equipment in order to make a finished product. Any direct comparison would have to take the entire system into account.

Are you still here sir?

I'm new to the site, about 3 years further down the continuous road from this and joined a couple of days ago.

You will see that I already understand and agree with your assurances and statements. My own interest is in much smaller throughput equipment, but of broadly similar capabilities.

I do hope things have gone well for you since this thread dried up?


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