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Anton Paar DMA 35N

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I can't answer your question. However, I have a Anton Paar DMA 35 for sale. I picked it up after the ADI conference since they had a special pricing for ADI. I have since abandoned my distillery plans and I have no use for it. I only used it a couple of times to dilute NGS with distilled water, so it is as clean as new.

Let me know if you are interested.



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DMA 35 is NOT approved by the TTB for gauging, but it is a nice thing to have around if you have the budget.

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I found an answer to my own question by doing a little research and figured I'd come back here and post it since it doesn't look like anybody knew the answer. The black and gray units are the newer models, which I did know. Both units do the same thing, but the black and gray have a slightly different user interface and a few different buttons to make manuevering easier. I believe they also might come standard with the IR data transfer, but I'm not sure about that. And, thank you for the offer thutchis, but I already have purchased a unit.

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