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Has anyone used Panela?

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We used a saison yeast that was taken from a brewery that had just finished fermenting out a raspberry saison. Weird pitching a slug of yeast that looked like raspberry yogurt. We fermented at around 75-80f and had complete attenuation after 4 days. I don't recall equating the flavor/aroma of the fresh distillate to tequilla, but it's been a while - the spirit has been in a barrel for 18 months and tastes really good. Lot's of fruit (cherry/apple) and a nice earthy finish. Another 6 months and we'll be bottling it up. Wish I made more of the stuff.

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We produce sugar cane juice or panela. Please see the attached photo.


Panela is nothing like non-GMO sugar, brown sugar or molasses for those that have tried it. We are family-owed and have distribution on both coasts and the Midwest.


We offer Certified Organic as well as non-Certified product.

Please contact me at:




Close up.JPG


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