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StL Distiller

Distiller willing to relocate.

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I am located in St. Louis MO. I am looking to pair with a like minded distillery. I have listed my education and experience below. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, passionate, and driven.



Project Co-ordinator, Tempest Distilling & Spirits Co., St. Louis MO - 2011-2014

From November of 2011 to March of 2014 I was an integral part of conceptualizing, planning, designing and licensing Tempest Distilling & Spirits Co. in St. Louis Missouri.

Intern, Grand ten distilling, Boston MA - 2013

In January of 2013 I took an unpaid internship with Grand Ten Distilling making Rum, Apple Jack, and several liqueurs. In the course of my internship I participated in almost every process in the distillery. Charging and running the still, making cuts, barreling spirits, proofing, bottling, labeling, packaging and much more.


Koval Distillery - Chicago, IL: Certificate in Distillery Operations 3 Day Kothe Workshop - April 2012

Society of Wine Educators - New York, NY: Certified Specialist of Spirits - November 2012

Institute of Brewing and Distilling - Elgin, Scotland: Certificate in Distilling(Associates) - May 2013


Spencer McMinn - Head Distiller, Grand Ten Distilling, Boston MA.

Chris Burnett - Head Distiller, Mad Buffalo Distillery, Union MO.

Maggie Campbell - Head Distiller, Privateer Rum, Ipswitch MA.

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Hi Rob,

I am in the process of looking for investors or buyers for my distillery in Rockford, IL. Currently have all required permits and labels and distillation can now begin.

If you want to talk you can contact me at 815-218-2955 weekends or weekdays after 2:30 pm.



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Hi Rob

I am looking for a passionate distiller for my startup distillery in CT. You can see the description in the help wanted forum or contact me directly at jtaylor@drinkwaypoint.com


John Taylor

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Hey Rob,

I'm opening a distillery on my family farm in Columbia, IL which is about 20 minutes East of St. Louis. We are only a couple of months away from production. I'd love to connect sometime. Please PM me if interested.



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Rob -

Bendistillery in Bend, Oregon is looking for a Head Distiller to take over our Estate Spirits and Special Projects division. If you would like more info please contact me at alan@bendistillery.com or 541-350-6426.


Alan Dietrich

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