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Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

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For sale is our spare,


These are extremely high end, pharmaceutical grade housings polished to a mirror finish inside and out. The standardized multi-element system allows you to filter a large amount of product quickly, and it is designed to completely drain out after filtering. It has sanitary inlet and outlet fittings, and you can buy a very wide range of cost-effective filter elements from Pall, FSI and a few other suppliers.

You cannot buy a better filter for your spirits.

The o-ring looks like it is in good condition, but you should plan on replacing it with a spirit compatible o-ring just to make sure. Every other component is stainless.

Model/Part # ALTA063G3G3434
316L stainless steel construction
Inlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting
Outlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting
12 3/4" diameter housing
Rated 150 PSI @ 284 deg. F
Vessel mfg. by Inox Industries Inc., serial no. PO2-092-1
National Board code stamp #494
A.S.M.E code stamp
Vessel also has a NB repair tag because it was modified
Dished top with inlet
Bolted removable bottom head
Two lift handles

$1,900 OBO. The housing will be strapped to a skid, and you can pick up in person, or we will load it onto a truck for you, FOB 27701

PM me with any questions.

Pall Filter Profile

Pall Filter Board Stamps

Pall Filter Internal

Pall Filter Nameplate

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