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Best still design for rum?

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Truth.  to the OP:  column stills will (referencing esters) generally result in a lighter rum.  Pot stills generally in a heavier rum. Pot still with plates, column stills ran at lower proofs, etc will land you somewhere in the middle.  More esters means more aging but allows for a more "developed" rum or for an older shittier rum if you don't do it right.  Dunder is neat but I'm guessing a wild dunder is far more problematic in the short term than co-pitching for the flavors you want.   A lot of times we find ourselves trying to emulate an old style without really understanding why they did it in the first place.  

IMHO, never start your inquiries with what equipment do I need for "xx".  Instead say "xx is the profile I need to make" and figure out how what production style gets you there.  {I mean that as a philosophy, not nagging on your post - it was fine}

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On 11/28/2017 at 3:10 PM, Foreshot said:

If you plan on making Rum you should read this (It's what PA Joe was referring too):


As other have stated, a lot of flavor from heavier rum styles is from esters enhanced by bacteria infection. Aseptic closed fermenting rum won't yield that type of flavor. You'll need to go to the open fermented dark side. Come for the dunder, stay for the muck. 


In Arroyo's 3 chapter he states that condensers are best fitted as long, narrow units with the lowest, coldest portion being about 30C (85F) and the exiting coolant 65C (149F).  https://www.bostonapothecary.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/The-Manufacture-of-Rum-Part-III-Arroyo.pdf

I'm using tap water so that's about right for us, but I figured you guys with chillers had a much lower starting temp for your condensers? 


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What about Rum stripping? I'm trying to sort out the best way to remove the methanol without losing any of the more volatile Esters and Aldehydes. In my last couple of test runs I could smell quite a bit of really nice congeners going down the drain with the foreshots. 

Has anyone experimented with high refraction stripping?

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