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Plastic Fermenting Tanks

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Does anyone have experience using plastic fermenting tanks?  If so what are the pros/cons beyond price? Anyone know the company that makes them?



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tons of options available for plastic (MDPE or HDPE most likely). 

Cons will be: cleaning - many will color stain, impart some flavor from a previously used batch, and they scratch really easily.  Probably won't have a cooling option but heating can be done with blankets (although 0 chance the blankets are XP unless its the hot/cold water bladders).  Difficult to find one that you can airlock if you go that route.  They also will leach plasticizers (phthalates) but that's a null point if you aren't opposed to using plastics in other capacities.  I've used them and they work if you're boot strappin' it but plan to upgrade as soon as you can.

Pros: light-weight (moving around distillery and shipping to/from), generally easily portable, readily available can customize with a sawsall.. all I can think of.

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We've used them for more than 4 years.  They work, are cheap, easy to clean, mobile, and can be replaced if you break them (my dumb ass has).  Conipacs work, as do macro


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