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Hi all,

My first post. I have had a search and cant find any previous questions covering this:

I have recently started making Gin, people like it and want it so I must be doing something right but I want to improve it.

  • I have been pounding my botanicals in a pestle and mortar. Is this correct.
  • My the tails come of tainted a light brown], any idea what causes this?
  • Can I add them to my next run?

I am finding this forum and particularly Odin's topic extremely interesting and informative.

Thanks David

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Thank you for the kudo's, David. I'll try to dive into your questions and give you my opinion:

1. Lots of work. Not needed. Boiling will do it for you. And your gin base gets boiled for a long time (when boiler infused gin is your thing). I'd only advice to put the juniper berries in at 60% over night, because they are thick skinned;

2. Weird. Sounds like you get some coloration over, indicating you have puking? Maybe herbs in the column and (slight) blockage of the column? If you tell more about your set-up, its easier to dive in deeper;

3. Nope. You will create too much of a back of throat flavor. If possible collect your tails and rerun them into a vodka. If your equipment allows. You can re-use the vodka as gns base for a next gin run.

Hope this info helps. Any more Q's, let me know.

Regards, Odin.

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