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Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

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Below are pics of a 105 gallon Bain Marie that just went to Blue Pearl Distillery.  The price on the turn key units is 13,000.00 to 14,000 complete.  We have them in combination mash tun still configurations.  We have been shipping 1 or 2 Standard series stills per week and around 1 pro series every 2 weeks. 

Please note that our heating system control panels have external heat sinks and they are NEMA4 which means that they are liquid, dust and vapor proof.  Our controllers are much safer than those of our competitors that have internal cooling fans.  Control panels with cooling fans suck air through the panel to cool the components.   None of our control panels have internal cooling fans, because our panels vent the heat from the SSRs externally.

 If there is ethanol vapor in the air an internal cooling fan will suck the flammable vapor in which can ignite from arcing componants in the panel which can cause a fire and or explosion.




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Below is one of our 150 gallon combination Mash Tun Stills (parrot not shown).  This unit is baine Marie and costs $14,000.00 to $15,000.00 complete with heating system and everything.  Turn around time on these and many of our other models is only 6 to 8 weeks.



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I have only been operational for about three weeks.   Paul has been invaluable in getting me going.

I reached out to him sheepishly because I had bought a still from another vendor, and could get no support, no wiring diagrams, no returned calls......it was a nightmare.   Paul and Jerimy walked me through a ton of stuff right off the bat just because I asked.   Helped me wire up a bunch of stuff I bought from other people, amazing.   They also saved me from creating a bad pressure situation in the oil jacket.  I was so happy I sent them steaks from my farm!   

Since then I have purchased a few items from them, new bigger paddles for my agitator, a vacuum relief and vent for my oil jacket.    He also walked me through the way his family distilled bourbon today for many generations, because I called him with a question unrelated to a sale in any way.   Really down to earth, nice guy.  If I sound like a fan boy I'm sorry, but he has put me well ahead of where I would have been without calling him, and he saved me from a seriously dangerous situation.

I'm not sure when I will be upgrading to a bigger still and bigger DSP, but when I do, it will be through Paul      Top notch.



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On 12/23/2016 at 12:15 PM, rickthenewb said:

I saw an old thread from a few years ago, I have been talking with them lately.  Anyone have any experience? 

Here is some very affordable distillery equipment. 


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