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Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

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1 hour ago, Southernhighlander said:

The elements are in the jacket.  Oil or water can be used as the heat transfer fluid.  No circulation pump is needed.  They are turn key, produce award winning spirits and  are in over 140 distilleries in the USA.

Very cool.  What are the size ranges you can do in these?  Looks like quite a range judging from the last few groups of pictures you've posted recently with those little square boxes around the bottom.

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We have done them in 6, 10, 20, 45, 100, 105, 150, 200, 250, 300 and even one that was 500 hundred gallons.  For most sizes the turn around time right now is only 6 to 8 weeks.  We are putting out around 3 complete systems per week.

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Below are just 4 of the many stills that we are currently working on.  Pics 1 and 3 are of the first of our Paul Hall Signature Series stills.  All of the stills below will have UL listed explosion proof US made Baldor Motors on the agitators.







Brandon 02.jpg

matt kid 03.jpg




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Below are pics of some of the equipment that we finished up this week so far.

Below is a t.5" tube in tube crash cooler for mash.


Below is a 20 gallon jacketed R & D combination mash tun still.  This customer purchased a 200 gallon Ultra pro whiskey still.  He will be using this little still for recipe development.  You can cook the mash, then ferment and then distill all in this same vessel.   Grain in mashes and or Grappa are no problem for this little baine marie mash tun still.


Below is a little 45 gallon baine marie vodk/gin still.


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