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350 Gallon Stainless IBC Totes

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Hey All,

We have 3 brand new, never used 350 Gallon Hoover Stainless IBC totes for sale. Looking for $2300 each and you pay for shipping. Around $2600 new.


Beverage style extras package.




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The specs for these Stainless IBC's is for Beverage. That means ground and polished welds, passivated, and extra sanitary Tri-Clamp fittings, gaskets, clamps, etc. as compared with other versions. 

These are unopened and obviously unused. They can be used as fermentation vessels as well as blending and proofing vessels. We are actually keeping two of them ourselves since we have a total of five of these. 

If you want all three we can look at a better price. 

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