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Looking for a position as a distiller

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Hi my name is Michael. I'm seeking a position as a distiller in new are old distilleries. I am 23 years old and very passionate about the art of craft sprits. I'm self taught I started with a cheap Chinese knockoff still then over time taught myself how to build copper stills then learned to heat them with steam. 

    I'm not your  average back woods moonshiner. I don't make simple sugar shine washes I take my time to hand craft my bottles of all grain whiskeys, bourbon and rum I malt my own grains and get them ground at the old mill and if your curious about the mill look up season 6 of dirty jobs episode 4 and you can see the mill that grinds my grain into flour. I know that my process alone want separate me from most of the people that you will find on this website especially ones that have already worked in a legal distillery but what does separate me from the rest is my extreme devotion to making sprits it's truly what I want to do as my career.  I'm quick on my feet and very resourceful. I live in Mississippi but am  eager and willing to move for the right opportunity. I'm looking for someone to take a chance on a new and upcoming master distiller and let me craft a sprit that can take us to the top. If your interested in contacting me please feel free to email me are call me mike750.lewis@gmail.com 


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