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Black Creek    0

Hello everyone. Wife and I are starting a very small operation together. Not planning so much on taking over the world as just having a nice little spot to call our own in the game. Transitioning from 37 years together in the sign and screen printing business to making rum and vodka in some of our warehousing. In the early stages and getting all our ducks in a row so to speak. Been lurking for some time and doing my best to educate myself on the process and my wife on the business side. Will be in the ad game til my days are done to some extent I am sure but time to get out of the bucket truck is rapidly approaching this old fat hippy. Looking forward to learning and distilling between fishing trips. So.. Hello!

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Huffy2k    24

Hey Black Creek, welcome to the forum!  Good luck to you and if by "Burg" you mean Pittsburgh, welcome to the Western PA distilling community!

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