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100 & 300 gallons still in stock for sale--all are brand new

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Hi Everyone, 

We have some stills in stock, all are brand new, and would like to sell them at a discount price, the details are as follows:

1.100 gallons whisky+gin+vokda still

1) steam heating

2) total 16 plates, 4 plates are copper, other 12 plates are stainless steel, but the bubble caps and plates are all copper 

3) With gin basket and CIP manifold & pump 

Price:  $21500 


2. 300 gallons whisky still

1) electric heating (bain marie type)

2) 6 plates column, all are copper 

3) does not include the heaitng elements and control box

Price:  $30000 

3. 300 gallons mash lauter tun

1) electric heating (bain marie type)

2) does not include the heaitng elements and control box

3) With removable false bottom, grain rakes

Price:  $8395

If you are interested in them, pls contact me to get the drawings and details:

Email: daey009@dayuwz.com

100 gallons.jpg

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