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Anyone has ex[eroemce with Olympic Distillers?  Looking for a 150 to 200 gallon still. They seem to have competitive pricing. 

On the topic of pricing...is there really a difference is a $100,000 Forsythe or Corson still and a $20,000 or so Olympic or Affordable Distilling still?




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I have a still on order from then right now.   It is supposed to be on its way across the ocean currently.    He has been very responsive to emails throughout the process.     I dont have the still in hand yet so i cant comment further.    Except that im sure there are many differences between a 17,000 still and a 50,000 still.     I am very handy so i went with it and hope i can work the bugs out.    If you are not handy and cant work metal i would be more hesitant

good luck to you either way

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Since Affordable Distillery Equipment was mentioned by the OP I thought that I would just let everyone know the difference between us and Olympic.  Our stills (Affordable Distillery Equipment) are American designed and engineered.  70%percent of the components are manufactured to our specs, which are extremely stringent, at a factory in China.  We have used this same factory for almost 6 years and they do impeccable work.   They have to do impeccable work, because we quality control all of the componants, that they build for us, here at our facility  in MO and if something is not right,  we get those components for free.  All of the electrical heating and control systems are built here in the US.  All of the safety devices such as pressure relief and vacuum relief valves are made in the US.  The equipment is assembled and thoroughly tested here at my facility before it ships.  Also I personally inspect all of the Standard and Pro series equipment before it leaves here.  I have over 12,000 square feet of shop and warehouse space here with 18 employees, 6 of which are very good sanitary welder fabricators.  2 of these guys have over 50 years of combined experience.  

If an issue arises after a customer receives our equipment, we take care of it ASAP.  If I need to send someone 1500 miles to solve a problem, I will do that and we have done that,  So, you do not have to be handy and know how to work mettle if you buy our equipment.  Our equipment is not cheap.  I would never sell a cheap piece of equipment.  Our equipment is very high quality, affordable equipment and our stills produce just as good a product as a Vendome, Kothe or any of the other super expensive stills.  

Olympics stills made for distilleries are Chinese designed and 100% Chinese manufactured.  As far as I know Olympic does not have a fab shop her in the US and they do not pre assemble, test or do any quality control here in the states.  Also, I do not think that they have any techs that they can send out to take care of issues that might arise.  We have a very good reputation and equipment in over 200 distilleries in the US.

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