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Fermentables in my Molasses

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Has anyone had their molasses analyzed to determine the amount of fermentable sugar sources?  I know that molasses has sucrose, glucose and fructose in it along with other non-fermentable sugars, but I don't know how to explicitly determine the amount of fermentable sugar short of sending it out for analysis (we dont have an HPLC in house) or conducting an assay the likes of which I havent done in 30 years.

Currently we get a cut sheet stating "Total Sugars 68-75". Upon questioning my sales guy at the vendor he said, "That's just percentage."  Does that mean for every unit of molasses between 68% and 75% is fermentable sugars? Or does that mean I need to multiple my brix reading by something between .68 to .75.   In all our mashes we shoot for an OG of 1060 which with temp control we always get dry in four days or less.  With rum it's difficult to know what I'm starting with and therefore to run metrics to see how efficient we are.

In short: how do I know the quantity of fermentables in my molasses?

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