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JustAndy    12

A client of ours is interested in having malt whiskey produced for them so they'll have some aged stock available if/when  they launch their own distillery. It would a custom mashbill, as they aim to explore some unique heritage and local malt (which they would source if needed). The client also has some transparency requirements as they have a carbon-offsetting and environmental accountability component to their business plan. The volume is still in flux, but it would be somewhere between 50-150 barrels depending on pricing/availability. They are based in Pacific Northwest but are open to other pitches. The timeline is soon, but not immediate 

If you've got some malt whiskey capacity, please message me and we can discuss the project further. 

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Dmiller224    0

Hi Andy. We might be interested, just need more clarification.

Please email me at :


or call me at 

Bill Coffey

Production Manager

Do Good Distillery

(209) 743 6123

Often it is too loud to hear in the facility, so a quick text alerting me to your call, or an email works well.

Thank you,


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