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Gin Fragrance

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Hello everyone,

We are putting the final touch on our first compound gin these days and we’ve been asking ourselves the following question: What factors contribute to a fragrant gin ?

Some gins have a good but fleeting aroma.  We pour some in a glass, it smells wonderful but after 5 minutes the fragrance is almost gone.  We also noticed that a fleeting aroma is not related to a weak flavour, the gin can have a bold taste but an aroma that has a short life.  

Other gins are much more fragrant, you can leave the glass for 20 minutes, come back and their signature aroma is still very much there.  

We can think of a few factors that influence the amount of fragrance in a gin:

1. Choice of method (gin basket, botanicals in kettle or compound gin)
2. Choice of botanicals

Factor 1 does not seem a likely explanation, we found compound gins that are very aromatic.

Factor 2 is a likely cause.  Not at botanicals are created equal.  

Your thoughts ?


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As Silk City already stated, fixatives. Try to add a bit of orris root, maybe 1/100th of the amount of juniper you use.

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Angelica and Bergamot (in higher quantities) are used as well.

Bergamot is especially interesting, because citrus aromas tend to be fleeting, but bergamot can act as a fixative (other citrus do not).  It's likely the reason that Bergamot is used in lieu of other citrus in many aromatic products.  Think Earl Grey Tea.



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Thanks everyone, we use angelica root and oris root and noticed that our grind was too coarse.  Oris root is harder than concrete and we had to switch to a new grinder.  Anyone had a good experience with chamomile as a fixative?

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