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Larry G

Hello from Massachusetts

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I began doing research into the distilling industry as part of my MBA coursework.  

I am a long time homebrewer and have really developed an interest in learning more about distilling and the industry.

I am new to distilling and look forward to learning through the posts on this site.

Also if anyone has any recommendations on books that focus on the distilling process and recipe formulation I would greatly appreciate hearin them.


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Hi Larry, Welcome to the forum. There aren't any singular books that really cover the topic well. Of the books I've read that have been the best:

Whisky Technology, Production and Marketing (This one is the real deal, but isn't super well written)

Artisan Distilling: A Guide for Small Distilleries (This is a free PDF. Well done, covers a lot of stuff)

Alt Whiskey  (Not how to, but good for understanding recipe development).

The Compleat Distiller (Very good with the science behind distilling, focused heavily on neutrals)

Sorry for posting off of this site, but I believe that it is warranted. If not appropriate let me know and I will remove it. Big list of books: http://homedistiller.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Bibliography



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Distillation Principles and Practices Sydney Young

Fundamentals of Distillery Practice Willkie/Prochaska

Distillation Principles and Design Procedures Hengstebeck

Lean Thinking Womack

The above books were integral to our design and procedure development. Delve deep into Lean thinking, the Toyota Way, and Six Sigma well before you plan anything in your project.


The following are great resources as well:

Distillers Grain Manual Willkie and Mather

Designing Great Beers Daniels


Search for any of the Joseph E Seagrams and Sons Inc publications by ISBN on the interwebs...... super hard to find but amazing resources and not a lot of people have seen them! I run a search every couple weeks and have ended up with a few texts most people probably don't even know exist (I didn't) out of weird used book shops...... 

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As I don't want to start another "From Massachusetts" thread...I too am from Mass and new to distilling.

I'm working in a field that has long hours, hard mental and physical work and ungodly amounts of regulation, only I don't have a nice sipable product when it's all over. 

I'd like to change that.

I've read through a number of threads on this and other forums and it has proved to be a great starting point. Thank you all for your past and future contributions.

@Larry G if you like to chat, feel free to DM me.

@Foreshotand @SlickFloss, thanks for the book rec's. I've seen these books and a lot of others. It's hard to know what's worth reading and what should be skipped. Great starting point. 


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