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Columbia Boiler - 30 HP Gas Fired

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Columbia Boiler for sale – Model MPH-30 (30HP).  Natural gas fired. Fire Tube Boiler, 15 PSI.

1,033,000 BTU/hr Gross Output

The sale also includes a Single Domestic Hot Water Coil (installed within the boiler) for pre heating water for mixing with mash and includes a Columbia BS-2 Blow Down Separator.   You will need to buy the CRT-8 Makeup Feed Tank to complete the system as I reused mine with the new Boiler.

Put into service April 2015.  The Boiler was used daily to distill a 500 gallon Vendome Pot Still and 500 gallon Vendome Mash Tun (with direct injection steam) simultaneously.

We removed the Boiler from service in late August 2017 to replace it with another Columbia Boiler (twice as big) to support a major plant expansion.  The Boiler was inspected and certified for operation yearly during operations.

Manuals included.  Sold as is, no warranty implied.  You can go on to the Columbia Boiler site for detailed specs.

Price $15,500   FOB 20110 (Manassas, VA)

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We're in the market for a boiler!

PM sent

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wayward, please email me at john at kodistilling . com as I didn't get your PM.  I'll send out pictures to all at the same time.

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