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Jar Kit for enolmaster bottle filler

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Anyone out there using the jar kit for the enolmaster bottle filler? I have a four spout enolmaster and am contemplating using mason jars for my moonshine product. Enolmaster has this jar kit attachment, does anyone have any experience with it?

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I use Enolmatic and I assume the Enolmaster is similar, it fills to a level set by the operator.

I achieve very accurate fill volumes for bottles with slender necks but if filling jars with a large surface area it would be very unlikely to get anywhere the accuracy required.

For example a bottle with a 2 cm diameter neck and a fill level variation of 2mm will have volume variation of about 0.6 mL

but a jar with diameter of 6 cm and level variation the same will vary by 5.6 mL

Also, I find to get a consistent level the bottles need to be removed swiftly. I suspect the contents of a mason jar could spill if removed in the same way.


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