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Raw Farm Grain - Triticale

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Hi All, a newbie question!

How does one test grain from the farm,  to calculate if grain will be suitable to be used as a fermentable grain. Be it raw barley, wheat, triticale, etc.

Did as sample today with one part raw triticale and one part 2-row barley. Using no enzymes other than the 2-row DP. Boiled the raw triticale, cooled the mash to 149 deg F then added the 2-row.   Then mashed for 90 minutes, after had a good iodine test.  Boiled wort for 30 minutes, cooled to 75 Deg F. calculated OG should have been 1.080, only got 1.045 or only  a little more than what the 2-row would have given. Was using 37 PPG for the  2-row and 33 PPG for the raw triticale, in the calculations.


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